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!!! COVID-19 !!!

Dear passengers!


Flybus is monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Health and safety of our employees and passengers always has been a priority Number 1 for us!


We are operating again on the route RIGA - KAUNAS AIRPORT - RIGA!

At the moment we operate for the connection to flights to/from Alesund, Bristol and Alicante!


Full timetable can be found here:

Depending on the situation in Latvia and Europe, and on demand, we can make changes to a timetable. 



In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, additional safety measures are introduced in all Flybus minibuses, which are mandatory for all passengers!


*) All passengers must wear a face mask throughout the trip while inside a Flybus minibus. If necessary, Flybus will provide a disposable medical mask for free. Passengers without a mask will be denied a transfer, in which case the fare will not be refunded.

*) Before boarding a minibus, passengers must sanitize their hands. Flybus will provide an antibacterial gel for free.

*) Two stops will be made during the trip, during which the minibuses will be aired. During the stop, passengers are not allowed to be in the minibus.

*) It is forbidden to use drinks and food products in minibuses (the exception is drinking water).

*) During the trip and at stops, passengers will not have access to luggage in the trunk.

*) If the passenger does not feel well and/or has an elevated body temperature, please refrain from traveling!


Please note that passengers in Flybus minibuses are less than 2 meters apart!

After every trip, all Flybus minibuses are wet cleaned and disinfected!



All purchased tickets remain valid for more than 1 year with open date!

If your transfer was affected by COVID-19, your reservation remain VALID, your ticket is with an open date and you can use it later, when connection between Latvia and Lithuania will be restored.

Terms and Conditions of an open date ticket:

*) You can use your reservation on any Flybus service, where seats are available

*) You should use your reservation up untill June 30, 2021

*) To use your reservation, you have to make a registration to a specific service at least 3 weeks in prior

*) Registration to a journey is made only via e-mail: (please, send us your new journey details as well as information about unused reservation)

*) Regular Flybus Terms and Conditions applies, exception - changed ticket can not be cancelled


If you have any questions - we would be glad to answer! Please send us your questions to

We will try to answer e-mail as soon as we can.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Information about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in english: